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Adam Kokesh "FREEDOM" book tour!

The Libertarians hosted Adam Kokesh at Parkway Bakery as part of his "FREEDOM!" Book Release Party on the American Campfire Freedom Tour. He spoke on his adventures in his quest for "FREEDOM!" and signed his new book which which was given out for free! Adam Kokesh is an Iraq War Veteran turned Anti-war activist and spokesperson for Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Ron Paul. He has organized political demonstrations in Washington D.C., including Anti-war rallies and open carry marches. He created a radio show "Adam vs. the Man" which developed into a TV Show on RT Television, where he addresses the state of Liberty In America. In 2010, Kokesh ran in the Republican primary for New Mexico's 3rd Congressional District. He achieved 29% of the vote and received endorsements from Congressman Ron Paul and the Republican Liberty Caucus. In 2013 he was arrested for loading a shotgun in Freedom Plaza, and served several months in jail where he wrote his book "Freedom!" He is currently on federal probation as he tours the country promoting his book. Kokesh is famous for his intellectual banter and confrontational interviews. His dedication to the principles of liberty and his efforts to end the unconstitutional wars overseas has earned him the love and respect of libertarians, young and old. The event this weekend in New Orleans drew quite a crowd. Thanks to Adam for stopping by and thanks to everyone who attended. It was a wonderful evening. Everyone had a great time!

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