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Libertarian Legislative Action Committee

Libertarians lobbied hard at the Capitol this legislative session, promoting "Food Freedom" issues like the legalization of Raw Milk and civil liberties efforts such as Medicinal Marijuana and Marijuana Sentencing Reform. Governor Jindal has signed two bills supported by the Libertarians: SB143 by Senator Mills will make Louisiana the 24th state in the nation to provide for Medicinal Marijuana to be prescribed by doctors to patients who need it. And HB149 by Represenative Badon will reduce the maximum penalty for Marijuana possession from 20 years in prison to 8, decrease 2nd offenses from felony-level to misdomeaner, and provide 1st time offenders with a new 2nd chance provision to clear their criminal records.

Libertarians also effectively worked to kill legislation that would have established traffic surveillance cameras in Louisiana. We want to thank those of you who made phone calls and sent emails to the Governor, as he has vetoed SB250, citing a concern for our right to privacy.

While we did not achieve everything we wanted this legislative session, we did make progress, and the Libertarians are dedicated to fighting to restore our freedom, one step at a time.

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